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Single Zone and Dual Zone wine cooler! Which one is best for you?

If you’re an intermittent wine drinker having a particular flavor for just reds or even whites, after that where you store your bottles isn’t an excessive amount of an issue. Wine coolers are little refrigerators created to maintain wine completely perfectly chilled till it’s prepared to drink. Presently there are some variants; however the most typical are single zone wine coolers and dual zone wine coolers. Single zone wine coolers are fairly simple.

Single Zone Wine Cooler:

If your enthusiasm is the single design of wine, these types of single zone wine coolers through the Pro sequence are ideal for maintaining much more of your preferred bottles saved in their perfect problems. Continue reading “Single Zone and Dual Zone wine cooler! Which one is best for you?”

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As dreams are made on

We’re new. We put it in our name. When we stop looking ahead, remove the internal organs and inject formaldehyde; we’ll be dead. And yet a time comes when even a New Yorker realizes that, simply by staying put, in this world and in one spot, he has seen places that have vanished, and known people that no one can ever meet. Everyone is a historian, every life is a city.

Some things are better off gone. In Union Square today, farmers sell rutabagas, dogs run, guys fall off skateboards. They wouldn’t have dreamed of it 30 years ago. The lawn was dirt then, hollow-eyed muttering men offered “smokes,” the only diversions were occasional rallies of the Communist party. The infamy of the park was worldwide; my trainer remembers, from his youth in the islands, rap songs about Union Square and what went down there, all of it exciting, none of it good.

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A Wine Glass Half Empty

America is producing more and better wine than ever, but hardly anyone’s drinking it

One of michael mondavi’s favorite stories, harking back to the dark ages of American wine drinking, takes place around 1969. The California winery he began with his father, Robert, was only three years old, and he was on the road pitching Cabernet Sauvignon to a doubtful citizenry. “I was in Des Moines, staying at the Adams Hotel, which had one of the better restaurants in town,” he recalls. “I went in for dinner and asked to see the wine list. The waiter said they had red or white, and I asked for red. He brought me a glass of port–that was their red wine. I thought, oh my God, do we have a big job.”


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